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SKU: 364215376135191

The Iron Cage guitar mount cradles the guitar by the bottom and holds the guitar by the body - while still being able to enjoy the visuals of the guitar in any position you desire. Additionally, most guitar mounts lock your guitar into one vertical position. The Iron Cage allows the option of ANY position you would like to display your guitar in. You can display your guitar horizontally, vertically, or upsidedown you can change the position at any time by adjusting two simple knobs on the back of the mount. No other guitar mount allows your guitar to be displayed in the position a guitarist plays his/her guitar in, until now with the Iron Cage Guitar Mount! You also have the option of locking your guitar in with the handles that hold the guitar by the body OR you can just let your guitar sit on the mount, as it is supported on the bottom, allowing you to pick up your guitar and play it at any time. All Iron Cage Guitar Mounts are hand-made in the USA by a family-owned company (PATENT PENDING), product is made of steel, light weight, convenient, durable, secures your guitar safely, and long-lasting. 


    • Most guitar mounts on the market are made up of a fork that holds the guitar by the neck, resulting in the weight of the body putting stress on the guitar neck, and these guitar mounts limit you to display your guitar in only one position.  

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Color: Black